Why Keim Custom Homes, Ltd.?

Your home is an extension of you; anything less is just a house. Keim Custom Homes listens intently to find out what kind of environment you find inspiring, stimulating and calming. What are your passions? What design elements and colors do you envision in your home? Working together we can show you what is possible.

Our clients are original, with specific tastes, preferences and needs, not only in design, but also space, material and workmanship. Keim Custom Homes’ individualized interview process ensures we hear you. We understand that an authentic dream home is one that reflects the best parts of you, and our architect assisted/builder/Interior design team is uniquely suited to make that dream a reality.

Oftentimes homeowners, in the process of building a new home, feel frustrated and cite “lack of communication with the builder” as their number one source of frustration. Keim Custom Homes provides tailored construction updates catered to your specific communication needs. Some clients prefer weekly emailed updates and some prefer monthly updates. If our homeowners are out of the area we can provide progress photos with an overall description of work accomplished for that week. Our goal is that you never feel “out of the loop”. You are an integral part of the Keim Custom Homes Team as together we watch your home manifest from dream to reality.

Concerns and new requests requiring field adjustments to the overall architectural plan inevitably arise with every custom home, remodel or interior design project. We are a solution oriented company who is always on your team. We support the efforts necessary to make certain any unforeseen issues are resolved quickly and painlessly at the lowest possible cost. Our pricing change order structure is always our net cost (lowest builder or designer cost) + 20%. This reflects a minimum charge for implementation and documentation that is necessary for any change to the plan or in addition to “allowances” which were previously specified in the contract. Many times our net cost is up to 50% off retail pricing offering a significant savings to our homeowners.

Keim Custom Homes believes a custom home should be exactly that – a “one of a kind” home. We refrain from using cookie-cutter methods that can often make your home a just slightly different duplicate of another. You are unique and your home will be as well. Together our team generates the latest in state-of-the-art building materials, employing innovative methods of construction, and presenting unique ways to nourish and express your soul throughout your living space. Our clients often tell us that guests in their newly constructed or newly-remodeled home exclaim…“This is a work of art!” which is as it should be. With Keim Custom Homes you are assured your home is not only “one of a Keim” but is also a singular masterpiece.

A decision to contract with Keim Custom Homes means infinitely more that a $$ price per square foot. When comparing assets to assets, there really is no comparison. We never cut corners but we seek value at every point in the design and construction process.

Our combined experienced objective perspective provides us extensive knowledge of fair-market pricing for materials, labor and construction costs. Our goal is “No Surprises” when building your home. We prepare a Detailed Budget and Price spreadsheet that includes often overlooked costs of sales tax, shipping and handling charges. This enables us to carefully track the accumulating costs relating to our detailed budget throughout the construction process. Every invoice and payment is open to our homeowners for examination at any time. We welcome any questions and work to earn our homeowners trust every day.

We research ways to ensure desirable qualities that are most affordable. Our integrity remains the same from the beginning of the project and beyond the completion of the project. We always want homeowners to be involved as we progress through every construction phase. We provide a full time managing project supervisor that is on your jobsite every work day. We live near where you are building your home and are available whenever and wherever we are needed. You can feel secure that we are always looking over your job and can appear at the jobsite location at a moments’ notice. We are flexible and amiable to work with and are always interested in what you have to say and how we can best satisfy your construction needs. We never turn away “another set of eyes” and appreciate all observations from all points of view. Design and Construction should be fun. And it is! Please allow us to demonstrate to you just how exciting and fun designing and building can be!

A Few of Our Construction
“Must Haves”

Meet or exceed International, National, State and Local City Building Codes

Engineered Foundations, Engineered Structures, Engineered Roof & Floor Trusses

Engineered LVL Beams and/or APB Beams calculated to exceed specified loads and stresses

Engineered Structural Steel I Beams or C-Channel beams when specified in plan

Strengthening Steel Columns or Steel Studs

Engineered Exposed Heavy Timber Trusses, Rafter Beams, Beams and Purlins

Engineered Sheer Walls

Exterior stud walls minimum thickness 2 x 6 construction, structural grade douglas fir

Electrical: no aluminum wiring. Minimum 200 amp service

Plumbing: Schedule 40, insulated sewer lines in two story home, LP tankless water heaters, plumbing vents out the side of home where possible

Insulation: Icenene or other foam insulation walls & ceilings; sound proofing bedrooms & baths

Roof: Hurricane strapped to walls; zip board decking thickness gauged to roof materials

Exterior Sheathing: Zip Board Waterproofing all exteriors

Exterior doors and windows calculated performance to meet heat, cold & wind loads

Fireplace assembly (full masonry or metal) calculated smoke draw & ventilation from envelope

Carbon monoxide and fire detection: Electric + battery back-up, system monitored

LP gas or natural gas: Underground tank sized to demands of home

Well water/septic or city water/sewer. RO units as requested. Water Softener system

Masonry twist-tie attachment to substrate w/air space, waterproofing and weep ropes, angle irons where stone sits above roofline, through-wall flashing

HVAC: Typical Mini Split System Mitsubishi, remotely controlled when desired, insulated ducts

Sheetrock: American produced: 5/8” ceiling and minimum ½” wall thickness

Tiled Walls: Durarock substrate with waterproofing

Tiled Floors: Wire mesh in large areas to prevent movement

Hardwood Flooring climate acclimated before installation